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Coin collecting terms
Coin abbreviations

Coin collecting terms

Coin collecting is known as the hobby of kings during the middle ages because only nobles and monarchs could afford to collect coins. Collecting coins is also called the King of Hobbies because it is believed to be the oldest hobby. Its history can be traced back from the Roman civilization during the reign of Augustus Caesar.

The hobby of collecting coins is a serious endeavor – probably even the most serious among all collecting hobbies. More than just being a pastime or a business venture, it is also a scholarly and historical pursuit. Numismatics is not only the study of coins and currencies; it is also a study of history, geography, old and new society, math, commerce, economy, and many more.

To understand fully the coin collecting hobby and market, you should begin with knowing the terms and meaning of each word used in numismatics.

The following words and terms are some of the most important to learn when dealing in the coin-collecting world.

These coin collecting terms are listed in alphabetical order. You can click the letter to jump to the coin collecting definitions beginning with that letter or just scroll down to browse them all.

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