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World coins catalogue: Europe coins - Austria - 5 corona
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5 corona Austria coin of 1909

Austro-Hungary Empire (till 1918) 1 Corona = 100 Heller Austria Emperor and Hungary king Franc-Joseph I (since 1848 till 1916)

Austria 5 corona Silver 835 coin obverse Austria 5 corona Silver 835 coin reverse
Nominal :5 corona
Coinage Years :1909
Material :Silver 835
Weight :24.0 g.
Edge Type :Embossed
Edge Width :? mm
Writings on the edge :VIRIBUS UNITIS
Avers position :Medal (0°)
Owner of the coin regalia :Franc-Joseph I (18.08.1830 - 21.11.1916), Austria Emperor and Hungary King in 1848-1916, Habsburg Dynasty..
Krause # :Austria KM# 2814 (page 164)

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